As an expert Management Consulting firm, here at Feher & Feher we support and thrust Entrepreneurs and experienced business owners to better their performance, primarily through the analysis of the business and problem-solving techniques, as well as through the development and application of “Best Practices”.

Our scope of services allows for a gradual advancement, from the maturation of a business idea all the way to its practical implementation; throughout the consulting process, the Entrepreneur develops certain traits and abilities, experiences and knowledge to ensure the success of the venture.

For those who already have an existing and operating business, we provide comprehensive solutions for the improvement and growth of the business through the use and application of technology, strategy and strengthening of the legal, financial and operative areas of the business.

Each of our services in Management Consulting is performed by a multi-disciplinary team of professional consultants which are involved throughout the project and which progressively offer feedback on its status.

We work in individualized and participative consulting sessions with our clients in which the project leader is always present and the specialized consultants will be performing all activities required to provide concrete solutions to the different problems facing the business.

The products or services offered by this area are: